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'Best Sheet Mask In the Market!'

I’m in love with this RIGIN Multi-Action Mask! After trying almost every brand (including some really expensive luxury brands), I can tell you this is absolutely the best on the market! My face has never felt better – it’s moisturized, brighter, and plump! It also has a subtle brown sugar smell that I love.

Kathy K.
27 – Chinese

multi mask beforemulti mask after
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'More than amazed!'

A girlfriend recommended me RIGIN back in March. After just 14 days, I was surprised by the difference – not only did most of my acnes faded, I was also amazed that I don’t see the acne scars that usually stay on for another couple of weeks! My skin felt so smooth and clear. For the first time, I didn’t need to use concealer during my makeup routine!

Sanny X.
32 – Self-Employed

Sanny before RIGINsanny-after3

'Friends say I look younger than two years ago!'

It is hard to look at photos prior to using RIGIN 🙂 I was in my early forties when I started. Fine lines, black heads, dark spots, dry skin… You name it, I had every single skin issue that a forty-year-old woman has.

Here’s the before/after for 42 days of RIGIN. You can easily see the faded lines, the lifted skin, the reduced blacked heads, and the much more even skin tone! 

@Segmalily (on Wechat)
40 – Mom with two kids

RIGIN Anti-aging-CF Before 1RIGIN Anti-aging-CF After 1
Before/After 2

'Be sure to take the quiz!'

When I came to RIGIN, I was looking for an anti-aging product (for what-I-though-to-be obvious reasons). However, after taking the quiz, I was told those were not wrinkles but ‘dry lines’ caused by dehydration! All I needed was the basic Hydration & Healing collection, which is much cheaper than the Anti-Aging one! Lily (my RIGIN care specialist) was so patient with me, answering all my questions, and followed up with me every couple of weeks to make sure my skin was getting better.

I cannot be happier with RIGIN and I love my skin!

27 – Xinjiang

RIGIN Anti-aging-CF Before 2RIGIN Anti-aging-CF After 2

'It works!'

My daughter bought the RIGIN anti-aging combo for me as Mother’s Day Gift. I’m 63 and I have major wrinkles everywhere. I didn’t want to take a picture, but my daughter insisted to get ‘proof’ for the money-back guarantee in case nothing changes.  

I’m so impressed!!! Yes I still have wrinkles, but take a look yourself! RIGIN seriously plumped my eye area! It worths every single penny!

63 – Retired

RIGIN Anti-aging-CF Before 3RIGIN Anti-aging-CF After 3

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