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Summary: Solid Sun Protection, Boost Hydration and Antioxidants

In order to achieve your primary skin goal, hydration, antioxidants, collagen production, and sun protection are the four keys in your skincare routine.

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Lifestyle: Quality sleep is the beauty elixir

Your skin repairs itself during sleep time. Without enough sleep, it will accelerate aging and appear duller. Try to get some quality sleep, and your skin will shine!

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Environment: Extra care to complement external factors

Warm, comfortable air is a good combination for your skin to perform at its best. We'll complement environment factors with products that encourage skin tone enhancement to achieve glowing, soft skin.

Personalized Routine Created Just for YOU

RIGIN Gentle Facial Cleanser

RIGIN Gentle Facial Cleanser ($25.12)

A luxurious, creamy, amino-acid cleanser that leaves your skin clean, soft and hydrated.

Use twice a day. Apply two pumps and gently massage onto your face, rinse, and pat to absorb.

RIGIN Skin Rejuvenation Serum Duo

RIGIN Skin Rejuvenation Serum Duo ($55.00)

A robust set of two serums (Yeast Extract Serum and Luminous Serum) that boost skin’s immunity to optimize your radiance, clarity, and overall skin wellness.

Apply both serums at night, after cleaning with the Gentle Facial Cleanser.
1. Apply an entire golden bottle of the Yeast Extract Serum to your face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
2. Rinse it off and apply step 3 and 4.
3. Apply 2 to 3 drops of the Luminous Serum. If you have a sub-healthy condition, avoid this step for the first week, so that the Yeast Extract Serum can help your skin detox.

RIGIN Skin Balancing Lotion

RIGIN Skin Balancing Lotion ($26.94)

This toner feels like a lotion but wakes up your skin to fully absorb the following serums and moisturizers for optimal performance.

Use twice a day, after cleaning with the Gentle Facial Cleanser. Apply two to three pumps and gently massage onto skin.

RIGIN Skin Repairing Serum

RIGIN Skin Repairing Serum ($54.25)

A fundamental and hydrating serum that strengthens your skin’s protective barrier.

Use every two to three days, after cleaning with the Gentle Facial Cleanser and applying the toner (Skin Balancing Lotion). Apply two to three pumps and gently massage onto skin.

RIGIN Neck Repairing Serum

RIGIN Neck Repairing Serum ($66.98)

This serum has high concentration of Copper Tripeptide-1, a growth factor that is know for skin repair and regeneration.

To ensure the optimal experience, test the serum on your neck and T-zone for a few days before applying to the entire face.

Apply after the RIGIN Skin Repairing Serum. Dispense 2-3 drops and gently massage onto skin. Then continue to step 4 and apply the RIGIN Multi-Action Cream afterward for the optimal anti-aging effect.

RIGIN Multi Action Cream

RIGIN Multi-Action Cream ($66.98)

This Multi-Action Cream smoothes wrinkles, improves elasticity and protects your skin from damaging oxidative stress.

Use twice a day after the Neck Repairing Serum, and apply a generous layer and gently massage smoothly.

RIGIN Multi-Action Mask

RIGIN Multi-Action Mask ($34.58)

This renewal mask instantly enhances skin firmness, hydration and radiance.

Use every two to three days, after cleansing and toning. Leave the mask on your face for twenty minutes. Be sure to gradually apply all the essence in the package to the mask during the twenty minutes.

After removing the mask, gently pat remaining serum into your skin. Then apply the Multi-Action Cream to your face.

RIGIN Tinted Sun Protection

RIGIN Tinted Primer ($32.40)

Moisturizing & non-greasy tinted primer, with Broad Spectrum protection: UVB protection SPF30, UVA protection PA+++. It is enriched with soothing ingredients and a powerful antioxidant that’s gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Apply a generous amount after the Multi-Action Cream. Gently pat (don't smear) to spread evenly to the entire face, avoiding the eyes.

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