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A Delightful Journey to Reveal the Glow of Your Skin 

Discover The Secret to LASTING Healthy, Smooth, and Vibrant Skin.

With a belief that skincare should be so much more than just wishful thinking or trial-and-error, RIGIN is dedicated to treat the root cause of underlying factors that interfere with your optimal skin condition.

By pairing products with custom-skincare plans, we aim to activate your skin’s innate power to heal, to hydrate, and rejuvenate.

Shop By Skin Concerns

Acne – 14 Days to Smooth Skin

Lightweight and highly effective breakout treatments to help heal acne and smooth your skin’s texture.

Dryness – Rebuild Your Moisture Lock

A nutrient-rich hydration treatment that calms and tightens your pores to help prevent water loss from your skin.

Dark Spots – Gently Brightens Spots

The golden ratio of gentle brightening ingredients to accelerate metabolism to regain skin radiance.

Sensitivity – Repair Your Skin Barrier

These products work to proactively hydrate your skin while repairing the epidermal barrier to keep water in and damaging factors out.

Wrinkles – Remove, Repair, and Rejuvenate

These products use GHK (human growing factors) to bolster your beauty regimen, and increase skin elasticity.

Other Combination

Customized Skincare Consultation

Work with a specialist to customize a skincare routine just for you with products to attain healthy, vibrant skin.

Real Reviews from RIGIN Fans


'Best Sheet Mask In the Market!'

I’m in love with this RIGIN Multi-Action Mask! After trying almost every brand (including some really expensive luxury brands), I can tell you this is absolutely the best on the market! My face has never felt better – it’s moisturized, brighter, and plump! It also has a subtle brown sugar smell that I love.

Kathy K.
27 – Chinese

multi mask beforemulti mask after
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'More than amazed!'

A girlfriend recommended me RIGIN back in March. After just 14 days, I was surprised by the difference – not only did most of my acnes faded, I was also amazed that I don’t see the acne scars that usually stay on for another couple of weeks! My skin felt so smooth and clear. For the first time, I didn’t need to use concealer during my makeup routine!

Sanny X.
32 – Self-Employed

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